How it works...

The goal of the Be Fit, Stay Fit Home Fitness Challenge is to increase your day to day activity. Our bodies were designed to MOVE on a regular basis and the more we move, the more fit and healthy we become.

This challenge is designed for anyone, of any age, and any level of fitness.

Here are the goals:

  • Successful Day: Any day that you are active for at least 30 minutes.
  • Successful Week: Any week that you have at least 5 successful days (30 minutes of activity or more)
  • Successful Program: 6 successful weeks out of an 8 week period

Log your activities daily:

Record your daily activity (Walk, Bike, Run, Etc.). Each entry will require a date, an activity (there are many to choose from), an intensity level (Light, Moderate or Vigorous) and duration.

Win prizes:

Every day that you enter your activity into the activity log, you are automatically registered to win our giveaways. The more entries into your activity log, the more opportunities you have to win (limit of 1 entry per day). See rules and guidelines.

Keys to a successful program:

  1. Commit to daily physical activity.
  2. Set realistic goals.
  3. Invite a friend(s) to join you in your fitness challenge.
  4. Track your progress online.

rules & regulations